Gruene Energie Corporate Identity
Corporate Identity for Gruene Energie; a company dealing with phοtovoltaic energie panels in Germany.

Grune Energie Systeme GmbH is a German company, with its headquarters based in Dusseldorf, Germany. The company’s service offering can be divided into two categories. These categories are Project Development and the Manufacture of PV Panels.
On the project development side Grune Energie Systeme GmbH undertakes, facilitates and implements PV projects in the larger European region, with a specialization in South East Europe, however not exclusively. For its’ appointed projects, Grune Energie Systeme GmbHmaintains full responsibility for their supervision throughout the entire duration of a project’s development and its completion. The results that the company has achieved in such difficult markets gives its clients the confidence to hand over their project needs and the peace of mind that all their requirements will be successfully fulfilled.
In addition to the project development services, Grune Energie Systeme GmbH is able to provide customers with high quality PV products, specifically PV panels. Its team boasts extensive experience in the PV industry which is enhanced by joint research projects which the firm undertakes for the advancement of its PV products.
The company has local partners across Europe, and consequently via these strategic collaborations, Grune Energie Systeme GmbH provides turnkey solutions to customers for investments across Europe and beyond, offering the peace-of-mind, convenience and practical assistance that clients need in order to successfully enter key yet process-ridden European nation states, for example the Balkan region, that have traditionally proven difficult for foreign investors.  This is Grune Energie Systeme’s point of difference.

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